Interview Slayer is a brutally effective job placement system designed for the elite Fortune 500 sales candidate. For entry-level to experienced representatives. Donations accepted with Bitcoin.

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Interview Slayer ebook by Jason Ryan. 110 pages. No fluff, no filler. FA_Interview_Slayer-10

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  • Trademark sales career search tactics to attract Fortune 500 sales careers in challenging job markets.
  • Sales interview templates and scripts designed to land job offers. So simple- just copy, paste and memorize about 15 minutes of material.
  • Proprietary Fortune 500 resume template (for specialty medical sales and elite B2B), brag book creation tools and a “cut and paste” referral letter template. All the tools you need to attract recruiters and DMs on the hunt for top tier sales candidates.
  • Black-box interviewing techniques that will get you interviews and job offers on the spot.

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